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The Project

Rolugi has identified an opportunity and is developing a Project for construction of a Gas Powered Thermoelectric Plant, with a privileged location and at a low implementation cost.
Project´s Advantages
  • Located in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, where all the project´s basic needs are fulfilled. Campos is the largest city outside the capital´s metropolitan area, situated on the north of Rio de Janeiro state, having a population of over 500.000 inhabitants;

  • Easy access to local labor, raw materials, hotels, airports, banks, shopping malls, etc.;

  • Documentation from the City Hall stating it as an industrial area and appropriate for the construction of a power plant;

  • Development site of approximate 110.000m2, registered  property of Rolugi;

  • Permission of Passage/Servitude already granted;

  • Privileged location next to the gas pipeline + water + network + energy;

  • Grant of Water already under Rolugi contract

  • Environmental Licensing by INEA at an advanced stage with the Primary License set to June 2016 (E-07/002.10501/2015);

  • ICMS tax exemption on gas supply;

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